Buying a home is an exciting yet involved process & if you are like most people, it is one of this biggest investments of a lifetime. Needless to say, having a professional by your side will make your home buying experience a less stressful one!

What happens when you get professional, well-educated, high-level representation?

Your dreams become a reality.


Buyer Representation


This means, I exclusively represent the best interest of the buyer. I do this by: Negotiating the best sale price for the property, researching the surrounding neighborhood and schools, ensuring the property is inspected, and performing due diligence. Buying a home in 2018 without a realtor representing you and your best interest is not wise.

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Buyers Depend on Dawyn Clemen's...


Buyer's depend on Dawyn Clemens to identify properties, advocate for your personal interests, navigate you through the purchase process, to speak for you in all detailed areas of the transaction, handle all legal documents and ensure your transaction is handled with superior strategy.



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